Kewaunee Winter ParkKewaunee, WI, United States Kewaunee Winter ParkKewaunee, WI, United States

Times of Future Past 2022

By Rose Sword & Thistle Productions (other events)

2 Dates Through Jun 12, 2022

Advance (Adult) discount tickets will be available through 8 JUN!

Our event is a unique combination of history and fantasy, within an Artisan Village of more than 32 vendors. At our event, patrons can meet historic figures Benjamin Franklin, Goode Rebeka from the Salem Witch Trials, Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, and Sarge’s Heroes from World War II. Patrons can also interact with lane characters portraying heroes and arch-villains from science fiction, mythology, and television. Enjoy music by JD & Cutter and the 60’s Flower Child Crooner Windsong. See Aerial Dance of Green Bay, check out our Living History area including Ben Franklin’s Colonial America, Edison’s Marvelous Inventions of the 1800’s, and the 1940’s with The Greatest Generation. Experience make-up & SFX demos by HouseSpock of Chicago, and attend our daily Costume Contest. Food & drink will be for sale, including Wisconsin Craft Beer and Wine. Times of Future Past is a non-profit event and a portion of our proceeds goes to support the Desert Veterans of Wisconsin.


Times of Future Past is a 'family-friendly' event. Please refrain from overly provocative costumes, language, and attitude. Thank you for your cooperation.

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